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International KinoKabarets in 2014

A KinoKabaret is an international event where professional and amateur filmmakers meet and mix up, make party and make movies, make possible the unexpectable and produce and screen their movies in the cinema within the countdown of max. 60 hours. Everyone is welcome to join and participate, act and shoot, to bring ideas and equipment, be a helping hand or direct. No competition, just for fun.

"Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it NOW".

KINO MONTPELLIER, France: 15. – 18. May
KINO D Dublin, Ireland: 17. – 18. May
KINO FADA, Marseille, France: 24. – 30. May
KINO PAL JENIN, Palestine, 13. – 25. June
KINO MOUTARDE, Dijon, France: 29. June – 4. July
KINO EUPHORIA, Helsinki, Finland: 11. – 20. July
KINO D, Dublin, Ireland: 12. – 21. July
FILMONIK Kabaret, Manchester, UK: 24. July – 4. August
KINO 5 + KINO CUNTRA + KINO DRAMAWAS, Austria: 4. - 17. August (3 Cities Bike Kabaret Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck)
KINOFABIK BASEL, Switzerland: 12. - 16. August
KINO GIENO, near Dresden, Germany: 14. - 17. August (camping Kabaret)
DONE KINO, Tallinn, Estonia: 15. – 17. August (in a prison)
KINO MAINZ, Germany: 15. – 22. August
Kino RaKéToK, Tocane 26. - 28. August & Ribérac 29. - 31. August, France
KINO LISBOA. Portugal: 22. - 30. August (1st time)
KINOBERLINO, Germany: 30. August – 7. September (Number 11 already)
KINO M Munich, Germany: 7. - 14. September
KINO WROCLAW, Poland: 8. - 14. September (Wroc & Roll Kino)
KINODYNAMIQUE JENA, Germany: 11. - 18. September
KINO SESSION Bordeaux, France: 26. September - 3. October
KINO PANAME Paris, France: 27. September - 4. October
FILMONIK Mini-Kabaret, Manchester, UK: 28. October - 2. November
KINO CUNTRA Graz, Austria: 23. - 30. November
KINO GENEVA, Switzerland: 12. - 21. January 2015

Good News Everyone!

Registration for the first BikeKabaret (ever) is online now to get your shiny asses on an adventure through Austria!
As you might have heard, we will make a roadtrip on bicycles, but for the lazy ones there are city stops in between to relax, edit and screen your movies.
You won’t starve: we have a catering bus to drive along. 
You won’t collapse: There’s another  car transporting your film gear and heavy camping stuff.
Register now and scroll down to find detailed info on the tour!
We can’t wait to sweat with you!

The BikeKabaret takes place from the 4th – 17th of August
Get in contact and: Sunday, 3rd in the evening @  kino5 lab

Take-Off by bikes: Monday, 4th 9 AM
Production Meeting: Wednesday 6th ~7 PM
Screening: Friday  8th evening

Take-Off by train: Saturday 9th
Day-Off @ lake Speicher Durlaßboden

Arrival in Hallstadt, continue by bike: Tuesday 12th
Production Meeting: Thursday, 14th ~7 PM

Screening: Saturday, 16th evening

Take-Off & Goodbye: Sunday 17th

Participation fee: for the BikeKabaret covers: train ticket (Graz-Hallstatt), breakfast, dinner, camping fees, kinolabs, cinema, kino5 equipment and equipment transportation.

A train ticket from Innsbruck back to Vienna is not included.
1. Session Vienna - Graz, 5 days           40 €

Only Graz, 2 days                                   15 €

2. Session Graz - Innsbruck, 8 days       60 € 

Only Innsbruck, 2 days                           15 €

The whole tour, 13 days                        100 €

It is an experiment for us as well, so we would ask you to do your own research on how your bike should function regarding on your physical condition and endurance.
We try to organise as much as possible, but to make this trip as a whole group we are depending on your initiative.

In collaboration with the Bike Kitchen Vienna you will have the possibility to participate in workshops to pimp your bike for the tour. There will be a general workshop for bike repairing and adjusting plus a workshop to build proper bike bags, if you don’t have the luxury of owning a pair. The workshops will take place in the week before the kabaret (last week of july). We are still arranging the precise dates and will update you on that soon.
Luggage: take only what you can carry on your bike. We only take your tents and film equipment in the cars. Clothes and personal stuff has to be transported by you. Think about tying everything to your bike, bike bags on your rack, or bike trailers. Its a pain in the ass to carry stuff on your back. We suggest you to not take more than 10kg with you.


Ein kleiner Enblick was wir so treiben! Screening der laufenden Session: Donnerstag 20:00 UCI - Freiwillige Spende - KOMMT VORBEI

Kleine Zeitung, 25.März 2014

Movie your Oasch: Filme machen in 3 Tagen

Bei “Mov(i)e your Oasch”, dem neuen Projekt von Kino CunTRA in Graz, realisieren junge Filmemacher ihre Filmideen. Innerhalb von drei Tagen werden Drehbücher geschrieben, Szenen gedreht, Filme geschnitten und im Kino präsentiert.

KinoCunTRA goes Radio Helsinki

Tatjana eröffnet die erste Folge der Cuntra la Kunsthure Radiosendung, und hat dabei 10 Gäste aus der Film-, Schauspiel- und Musikszene eingeladen. Die jungen FilmemacherInnen und Schauspieler aus Graz, Leeds, Hamburg, Spanien und Bosnien erzählen von ihrer Erfahrung während dem Filmemach-Festival KinoCunTRA. Ruben und Juan begleiten mit spanischer Flamenco-Musik.

Die Radiosendung findet bald regelmäßig jede Woche auf Radio Helsinki (online-Stream) statt, moderiert von Tatjana Petrovic.
Gäste von heute: Florian Eibel, Sophie Stallegger, Clemens Niel, Lukas Treudler, Norbert Incze, Benedikt Vyper, Ermin Celikovic, Ruben Rubio, Juan Cordovilla.

ACTING WORKSHOP (1.-2. Feb 2014)


Acting workshop by Tsungai Garisé (Zambia)
Tsungaï has a vast experience in theatre and film work. He has also been trained as an actor in Method Acting by Jack Waltzer (member of the Actor’s Studio) and Bob McAndrew. He has participated as an acting coach and director in the last edition of Kino CuntRa and many other KinoKabarets.

Content of  the workshop:
1. Basic physical, emotional, vocal and breathing exercises and warm ups. They allow you to understand and listen to your body. § Improvisations, repetition and imagination exercises. § Sense memory technique.
2. Creating activities and objectives. § Cold readings. § How to create characters.
3. Scene work, analysis and scene breakdown § Private moment. Singing a song to open up.

Where and when ?
Saturday 1st February - 11:00 to 16:00 - CuntRa, Jakoministr 8, 8010 Graz
Sunday 2nd February - 11:00 to 16:00 - CuntRa, Jakoministr 8, 8010 Graz

A fee of € 20,- per day would be requested for participation at the workshop to cover Tsungai’s expenses.

Email at and reserve your place!
Limited to 20 participants.

More information: Sophie
mobile: +650 5032315

More about the workshop
Acting is like any other discipline such as dancing, sport and music. You need to practice and train to keep up in shape and maintain a high standard of performance. Tsungaï Garisé, the acting trainer, intends to have regular workshops so that actors and students can continue developing their skills. Students work at their individual levels in the group; they go through a series of exercises and scenes in their own pace.

Tsungaï’s training is a mixture of different techniques used by successful actors; these techniques include the effective use of sense memory, improvisations, repetition and imagination exercises, how to develop a character and scene work. The actors use their real life experiences, in order to explore and discover situations that ignite emotions, thoughts and sensations that touch them the most. In so doing they are able to bring out the reality of the moment demanded by the writer or director.

Open to beginners as well as to experienced actors&actresses.


(photos by KinoPraha)

Short Movie Screening December: 1.12.2013!


Nächste Chance zum zusammenkommen: Sonntag 1.12, 19pm! Freier Eintritt, freies Eule-Bier, kunterbuntes Kurzfilmprogramm. Wir zeigen verschiedene Kabaretfilme von Graz, Wien, Berlin, und und und UND du kannst eigene Arbeiten zeigen und Feedback bekommen! Open stage!


peter lutz: nobody tells (3min)
el hombre lobo (1min) 
kino5: paul der zombie (3min)
daniel crocante: 1000 zigaretten (5 min)
florian eibel: losgelöst (6min)
lukas trötzmüller: 12 weeks in england (5 min)
tsungai garisé: red light effect (5min)
özgür özcan: born (5 min)

sophie stallegger: trailer: candelaria madidi ecologico (1min)
ella prem: mit dir (7min)
dave lojek: final touch (10 min)
eli: e
in bisschen nacht (3min)
cedric le dore: kino phapsody  (6min)
alphonse yambré: rev errance (4min)
maikol reichmann: when nika meet ralph (3 min)
alexis&alexis: the chase (2min)
helin celik: liquid dreams (3 min)
norbert incze: soma some (5min)

The next chance to come together will be on Sun. 1.12 starting at in Cuntra, free entry, free beer (sponsored by Eule Bier). We will show a mix of short movies, that were produced within 3 days from Vienna, Berlin, Graz and many more places ….. AND you can show your own work and get feedback! The stage is yours!

Please if possible send us the movie link in advance to or bring it on a pen drive. We are excited about your movie!

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