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2. Kino CunTRA March 2014

Invitation to 2. KinoCuntRa Film Festival, March 21.-27. 2014, Graz

In September 2013 we had over 50 participants from 14 different nations, realizing 35 short movies within one week and presenting them in front of 180 cinema guests.
This year its taking place at the same time as Diagonale film festival, but instead of just sitting ‘n watching, we invite you to move your oasch and realize your own ideas.

There will be two sessions of 60 hours filmmaking. Within three days you will realize a short movie from the initianal idea leading straight to the production including music and editing leading straight to the cinema screening in UCI. Everything depends on everyones input. No budget. No competition. Coworking with all the participants. Time pressure instead of perfection. Sleepless nights and working until the last minute, … Kino CunTRA will support you with equipment, location (kino lab and cinema), accommodation (for those coming from abroad), and the network of many creatives from all over europe - until africa.

The philosophy allows improvisation and learning by doing, for ambitious film ideas, it is better to prepare a script, to use the time in the best way. Workshops may arise spontaniously, depending on the participants input. Last year we had acting classes, stop motion workshops and sound recording.


Depending on your time, you can either participate in one or in both sessions. The opening is an optional event, where you can get to know each other.

Even if you don’t participate in the filmmaking, we warmly invite you to our screenings at UCI Annenhof (donation from € 2,-)!

Fri, 21. 03, 7 pm, opening & welcome screening, Cuntra
FB: Kino CunTRA KinoKabaret 2014

Sat, 22. 03, 10 am, production meeting, Cuntra
Mon, 24. 03, 8 pm, cinema screening, UCI Saal 5
FB: Verrückte Kurzfilmnacht - die erste

Tue, 25. 03, 10 am, production meeting, Cuntra
Thu, 27. 03, 8 pm, cinema screening, UCI Saal 5
FB: Verrückte Kurzfilmnacht - die zweite

All participants (actors, musicians, editors, camera operator, director etc.) must be registrated for the sessions they attend. Register please until March 17th. The participation fee is € 20,- for one session or € 30,- for both sessions (22-27.03), including breakfast, accommodation, equipment rental, cinema ticket, kinolab, workshops, free coffee, and lots of fun. There will be an equipment renting service, but everybody is kindly asked to bring their equipment and share. Registration see beyond.


Arrival & Accommodation

KINOLAB: Cuntra la Kunsthure, Jakoministr. 8, A8010 Graz
CINEMA: UCI Annenhof, Annenstr. 29, A8020 Graz

There are different posibilities to come to Graz:

1. //
2. // trains, f.e. “Sparschiene” 9€ Wien-Graz (every hour, book early)
3. // bus
4. // carsharing
5. networking with other kinoits…

City busses: // Cuntra ist close to bus station “Jakominiplatz” where every bus and tram stops. Coming from train station take tram 1, 3, 6 or 7 (10 min.)

If you are coming from another city, we will try to organize private hosts. As KINOCUNTRA goes with the philosophy of sharing, we ask all Graz’ participants to offer a space on their couch or floor, if they can.


Online registrations are open from February 11 to March 17. Registrations can be canceled via email. You can decide to stay more sessions spontaniously, if you don’t want to leave anymore.

Please download an read first the Rules and Guidelines for the festival!

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